Executive Embroidery
Executive Embroidery


All embroidery work is done using state of the art multi-head equipment. We offer our customers a wealth of knowledge and ideas which will guide you through a pleasant buying experience. Our priorities are to provide top quality embroidered products, exactly to your specifications and in a timely manner.

How does pricing work for embroidery?

Embroidery pricing is tied to the number of stitches. A garment of 3,000 stitches is going to take much less time on the embroidery machine then a design of 50,000 stitches. Pricing is also dependent on the number of garments embroidered. Colors are not normally a pricing factor unless there are more then five colors in the design.

What is the set up fee and what is it for?

A set-up fee is a one-time fee charged to set up a computer file to tell the embroidery machines what to do for embroidery. Most items will require a set-up fee. For embroidery, this is payment for the time it takes to digitize your logo, which means to put it in a format that the embroidery machine can read. If your logo is already digitized, there is no set up fee.

What kind of items can be embroidered?

Most soft items can be embroidered. Call us with questions about your particular item at 913 626 6362.

What types of garments produce the best embroidery results?

Button down shirts, jackets and bags will produce crisp results for embroidery. Loose knit shirts and caps can be difficult for small lettering and detail.

Can I bring my own garments in for embroidery?

Yes. However, quite often we can save you money by purchasing the product for you because of our volume discount with several vendors

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