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Executive Embroidery

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We strive to provide the most comprehensive and dependable embroidery digitizing service for apparel decorators and promotional product distributors. Digitizing is the key to a great looking finished job.


What if I don't have a logo yet?

We will work with you to develop an idea from scratch or edit a design to meet your current needs. The logo will be completed to your specification. An estimate of time and cost will be provided before the onset of any work. The logo will be available in a vector file to use for any projects you need done whether it be screen printing, business cards, promotional products etc. Having it done the first time in a vector file will save you money down the road.


In what format should I submit my logo?

We can accept .jpg, .gif, .tif, .psd, .eps and .ai formats. The .jpg format is the safest and most often used. If sending vector art files (.ai, .eps), be sure to convert all text to outlines. If a file is not converted to outlines, you will be notified and will need to resend an outlined version of the art. MS Word documents will not normally work as art files. Due to the fonts changing from computer to computer, we cannot be certain that typed text will be in the same font that you originally intended.


All files should be emailed to helena@embroiderykc.com.


If I have done embroidery and screen printing before, does the logo need to be digitized again?

Ofcourse not! So long, as long we will get Vector (eps) format logo for screen printing and promotional products and Tajma (dst) format for embroidery you are ready to go!


What if I want only embroidered or screen printed text?

If you want only text (no graphic/logo/design/image) on your products, there are no design or digitizing fees, only a one-time typesetting fee. Text setups include only type/letters/words; no graphics, icons or logos included.

Vectorizing Your Logo
You can see the results with two different image types here, so you can judge by yourself.

Once your logo is converted to Vector, you can resize it to any dimensions without distortion. You can blow it up large enough to put on a billboard or small enough to wrap a pen and the image quality will be perfectly the same.



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