Executive Embroidery
Executive Embroidery

Our Story

HelenaOnce upon a time an innocent princess :-) named Helena, was going to school in Poland and met her prince, a handsome American Marine.  

He swept her off her feet and moved her to Kansas . Although she did not meet Toto, she did find out that America is the land of dreams and together they started their own business, Executive Embroidery. Helena ’s job is to make her client’s job easier by helping choose items to promote an event, promotions,  recognitions, etc. which meet their price range. Helena will be there from start to finish to assure complete customer satisfaction.

NihadNihad, the fashion diva, has a great eye for design and customization.  Your team will never look better after Nihad gets through with them!  She has a background in customer service and business and will utilize these skills to your advantage.   



Marcia, the family queen, might be the first voice you hear.  Her daily duties are sometimes reminiscent of the court jester as she juggles to keep this kingdom running.    

Tim, the handsome American Marine, serves as the behind the scenes guy taking care of orders, delivery and anything his ladies desire.  His background helps keeps things organized and is the steady hand when needed.      


Executive Embroidery is excited to meet with you and help promote your business. We are the team to take your business to the next level!

(And yes, the princess and the prince live happily ever after:-)

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